About Me

(in about 428 words)


My name is Leqi Wang and I am currently doing a master degree in Cybersecurity at The University of Melbourne. Before that, I graduated with a First Class Honours in Finance from The University of Sydney. I love Finance and Technology.

Some history

  • Born and raised in Shanghai, I spent my first 17 years living in a small town on the outskirts of this metropolitan.
  • After finishing high school, I took a one-year gap and decided to study abroad in Sydney, Australia with the full support of my family.
  • I finished the 3-year Bachelor degree with majors in Finance and Economics in 2.5 years at The University of Sydney.
  • I went on an exchange at UCL in my second year and did all my electives for Economics.
  • Just before graduation, I was awarded a shcholarship to continue my study for an Honours degree in Finance.
  • My Honours thesis is on cryptocurrency exchanges under the supervision of Dr. Sean Foley and Dr. Angelo Aspris. It is published here: Decentralized Exchanges: The “Wild West” of Cryptocurrency Trading.
  • Then, Covid-19 hit. Spent most time at home and studying online.

I like

  • Football/Soccer, a six-year gooner
  • All Christopher Nolan's movies
  • Playing video games (2000+ hours on FIFA and FM and 1000+ hours on Apex Legends
  • stocks (sometimes stonks) and cryptos investing
  • Apple products
  • Learning languages (Self-study French and Italian with Duolingo)
  • Trying and learning all other cool stuffs

Travel / Geography

  • I did not travel much during my childhood.
  • In 2014, I visited Busan, South Korea on a cultural exchange.
  • In 2016, I arrived in Sydney, Australia for the first time and began my university life.
  • In 2017, I went for a two-week long volunteering experience in Fiji where I taught kids Maths at St John Bosco School, Suva. Visited Nadi and went Island hopping during the weekends.
  • In 2018, I went to UCL in London where I stayed for six months, during which I travelled to Leicester, Manchester, and Edinburgh. I also visited Paris, Milan, Madrid, Bacelona, Prague, Budapest and Viena.
  • In 2019, I visted Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Cook Islands.
  • In 2020, I spent most of days at home in Shanghai.

People I like/admire not IRL

  • Steve Jobs. This guy invented IPhone.
  • Elon Musk. My No.1 Idol. Renewable energy, reusable rockets, boring tunnels, colonizing Mars... I don't think there's anything this guy cannot do. But maybe don't send Dogecoin to Mars?
  • Keanu Reeves. He is just so BREATHTAKING.
  • Phillip Dosen. Better known as ImperialHal. He plays Apex Legends professionally for TSM and is the best IGL of the game.